• Date: 10/05/2016
  • Location: United Arab Emirates
    Dubai International Convention
    and Exhibition Centre
  • Duration: 15:00 - 18:15
  • Fee:No Charge
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IoT, IP Convergence, SMART - whatever the terminology, next generation buildings are now a reality. 

With the range of IP enabled applications now available; the challenge is how best to design and implement the right solution that not only improves efficiency but also improves the user experience and productivity at the same time. 

To help overcome barriers and myths, and enable you to meet these challenges head on, Cisco and Philips invite you to an event where we will discuss How IoT & lighting are delivering additional value for end users and clients’. 

During a moderated panel discussion, we’ll be sharing some of the latest developments and exciting case study examples - delivering a valuable, educational and informative discussion, as well as giving you a chance to ask questions and engage in discussion around the topic. 

You’ll will also have the opportunity to participate in an interactive demo, and network over refreshments with like-minded professionals.

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