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A secure network foundation from Cisco helps reduce costly security threats by:

  • Blanketing your network with multiple, built-in layers of security that offer comprehensive, integrated protection from worms, spam, malicious attacks, and disasters
  • Extending robust security to workers connecting from home, remote sites, or during travel
  • Providing a secure foundation for sharing company information and supporting online sales
  • Ensuring that your company is in compliance with the latest government regulations for the safeguarding of consumer and patient data

Cisco SMB Solutions let you centrally manage your network's security and add deeper levels of protection as and when you need them. So your network is proactively protected against worms, spyware, Internet attacks, and other security threats—even as it changes with new applications and technologies over time.

Cisco SMB Solutions can help provide:

  • A secure network foundation that can grow with your business, supporting voice, data, video, and other applications.
  • A secured wireless network that prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to your network and its resources, and to prevent your workforce from inadvertently allowing viruses and other threats to infiltrate your network.
  • Protection for mobile workers that extends your network's security to your employees whether they're at home, on the road, or in a remote office.




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