Innovation has always been important, but in today’s competitive and ever-changing environment, it is a survival skill. At openBerlin we lead co-innovation in action together with a vibrant ecosystem of partners, creating business and technology solutions to unlock opportunities and markets at a speed of rapid prototyping. What we do is reflected in our 3 guiding principles:

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About openBerlin, a Cisco Innovation Center

openBerlin is part of a global network of Cisco Innovation Centers, each with its own specialization. The focus of openBerlin is on manufacturing, logistics and transportation.

We help local and global organizations improve business outcomes by making the most of smart data and digitization. As an innovation center and workplace for customers, partners, startups, universities and open developer communities, we are doing this in three ways:

  • Demonstrating how to solve business problems and help creating new markets and transformational digital business opportunities
  • Rapid solution and product prototyping
  • Research and investments

Find all information about the Innovation Center in an openBerlin At-a-Glance.

The Co-Innovation Process

The center has a Think Tank, software and hardware development spaces, and demonstration areas where customers, partners, startups, academia and developer communities can create new ideas, concepts and technologies. Within the center there is a complete micro factory, dedicated to the development of industrial IoT solutions. In the Co-Innovation Process, Cisco together with the ecosystem partners is developing new ideas and solutions.

Get an impression of openBerlin exploring the building through a Virtual Reality Tour - feel first-hand the unique atmosphere while getting further insights on Strategy and Goal of openBerlin as an open Innovation Platform. Download a summary of the Tour here.

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The Advantage of Co-Innovation:

Innovation can be a risky business, but failure to embrace risk and move forward can mean extinction. So, how do you reduce the risk inherent in innovation?

We believe openBerlin reduces the risk in 3 ways:

  • By sharing risk through open collaboration between customers and the Cisco partner ecosystem, bringing together a diversity of capabilities, ideas and market experience.
  • We establish win-win relationships from the start and work together for mutual success.
  • Through Speed prototyping which accelerates the evaluation of value and viability – you win fast or you kill fast. It also means speed to value too!
  • By focusing on core strength and need areas of IT+OT, and key verticals for maximum national impact.

We work with

  • azeti
  • Carriots
  • Davra Networks
  • Evrythng
  • Startup Bootcamp
  • Bosch
  • TTTech
  • Intel
  • Element 14
  • Eclipse
  • Fraunhofer FOKUS
  • Relayr

We are always interested in engaging with more partners and companies that can enable and enhance innovative solutions - get in contact if you are looking for co-innovation opportunities.

Innovation Center Ecosystem

We all know the central role that Cisco played in making the Internet possible at large scale, so who better than Cisco to help make the Internet of Everything a reality?

Dom Guinard, Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer at EVRYTHNG.

Thanks to the extensive technical and business support provided by openBerlin, we at azeti Networks were able to substantially speed up the process of making our IoT Software SONARPLEX available for Cisco Routers, Cameras and many other Cisco products and devices. Now customers have the chance to experience live the joint solution for IoT remote site management of azeti and Cisco at the openLab in Berlin.

Thorsten Schäfer, CEO azeti Networks AG.

openBriefing Day

Are you interested in how Cisco is creating new digital business opportunities using an Innovation Center like openBerlin as co-innovation platform?

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Meet the openBerlin Team and get further insight on our key objectives, the overall strategy and how to co-innovate with us. Enjoy the house tour and learn more about our smart building concept and get to know digital solutions for today's market.

Choose between one out two openBriefings that will be taking place every last Thursday of each month.
Tour No. 1 is starting at 10:00am till 11:00am.
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