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Customer Briefing Center - Frankfurt/Eschborn

More Innovation and Productivity with Cisco solutions

BYOD, Data Virtualization, Cloud & Co. . Cisco‘s comprehensive solution portfolio and expertise help you to capitalize on the opportunities of digitalization today. Visit our Customer Briefing Center in Frankfurt / Eschborn and see for yourself!


“We want to make digitalization alive and touchable. In our Customer Briefing Center (CBC) we show what is possible with Cisco technology. We proudly bridge the gap between our customers’ ideas and real products and solutions.”

Uwe Peter
General Manager & Vice President Cisco Deutschland

Experience Cisco solutions first hand

You want to try out our Cisco solutions yourself? You want to know more about a particular Cisco technology? So the Customer Briefing Center is the right place for you! Demos from the following areas are waiting for you:

Internet of Things

People. Processes. Data. Things. In the past, they were used independently; today we bring the Internet of Things (IoT) all together.

Enterprise Networks

Without Networks, there is no networking….They form the basis for digitalization.  As the market leader, Cisco has been driving network innovation since 1984.

Data Center

A Cisco Data Center consists of industry-leading network, security, converged infrastructure and software-defined solutions. A data center that is constantly evolving in the field of analytics, providing optimal analytical protection. Cisco brings all the tasks together with a consistent policy across the entire multicloud domain.


What does collaboration mean to you and how can it be implemented? Discover a rich collaboration experience that goes far beyond web conferencing and online forums.


The importance of data protection and security continues to rapidity increase. This is not only the based on the significant increase in cyber-attacks with political or criminal interests; but also attacks on private individuals, companies and institutions all over the world.


Your visit to the Customer Briefing Center will be tailored to your needs. Choose from one of the many demo highlights.

Collaboration Forum

Experience our Collaboration Forum with Cisco‘s diverse hardware and software solutions that redefine collaboration.


Cisco's answer to digitalization - Experience a seamless consumer journey embracing omni-channel, e-commerce, mobile commerce, and point-of-sale (PoS). Review solutions such as Cisco Mobility (WLAN, CMS, Enterprise Mobility Services Platform), Cisco Meraki Solutions, and Cisco Digital Signage (CIEP) in a demonstration environment with 3rd-party integration. Book a ride on Cisco's IoT E2E Cross-Architecture cruise!


Test new forms of communication in our fully equipped GreenRoom. Record a video in front of your own PowerPoint presentation.

Your visit in the Customer Briefing Center

A visit to our Customer Briefing Center is free. Customers and partners are only required to arrange their travel and accommodation expenses.

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Where can you find the Customer Briefing Center?



Cisco Systems GmbH
Frankfurt Customer Briefing Center
Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 3
65760 Eschborn

Tel: +49 (0)6196 773 9200