• Date:June – July 2016
  • Locations:Basel, Zürich, Maienfeld,
  • Duration:1 Day
  • Fee:free of charge
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Dear Customer,

we invite you to attend one of our upcoming Application Driven Data Center Bootcamps near you.

We are excited to announce the addition of the Cisco CloudCenter (formerly CliQr CloudCenter). CloudCenter’s application defined orchestration platform enables customers to easily model, deploy and manage new and existing applications to any public cloud and private data center environment providing superior scalability and faster deployment. It securely deploys both, the infrastructure and the application, manages the deployment including run-time policies, and aggregates usage and cost information.

The Cisco Policy Driven Data Center approach - with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure as the network technology - is now running in production environments at our customers for over two years. Time to shed some light, why customers decide to build their datacenter based on ACI and how they control their application deployments across multiple cloud platforms. No need for the application teams to rewrite the application to different platform’s APIs. Cisco CloudCenter eliminates this duplication effort by allowing teams to write the application once and deploy across multiple cloud environments.

In this full day bootcamp we will cover:

Cisco CloudCenter, an Application-Defined Management Platform

Deploying a single application seamless across multiple cloud platforms? Start services on the private cloud, but what when it’s time to move appropriate services to a different, or even public cloud?
In this session we demo Hybrid IT, a flexible service delivery strategy that puts the right application service in the right environment based on business requirements.

Microservices governed by policies in an automated network environment

Microservice architectures and container-based virtualization have taken the software development community by storm in recent months. With these modern application architectures, the network not only connects users to applications, but also provides the connectivity within the application. ACI and the policy model are a flexible foundation for cloud ready applications.
We demo the connectivity rules for a Microservice based environment.

Secure by design – real time application compliance analytics

No Policy > No Connectivity. The policy model translates the “language” of the applications to the “language” of the infrastructure architecture. A single management plane for virtual network (across all virtual domains) and the physical network, and through integration of L4-7 services eliminates the need to manage firewalls and load balancers independently.
Cisco adds new sensors & analytics to their Nexus 9000 DC switching family but also to bare metal server, VM’s and containers. What if you could analyze EVERY FLOW at wire speed in real time and store it in a data pool for further analyzing, simulation or compliance reporting? What if you could get automated application dependency mapping – along with it, describing the resources allocated by an application transaction in real time?

Policy driven network vs. stand alone (Network Mode) – a TCO analysis

There is a huge potential to simplify your IT infrastructure. ACI offers a unified control of physical and virtual environments, reduces capital expenses (capex) and operating expenses (opex). It simplifies provisioning and speeds up the delivery of cloud services through policy-definitions, orchestration, and automation. As a result, you can now deliver services to your customers with greater agility and at lower cost. Cisco ACI is the single solution that covers everything — physical, virtual and container. This frees up the network, provisioning, cloud, storage, and hosting teams for more productive work.
With a demo we proof how easy it is to setup a spine - leaf architecture, how intuitive the GUI can be operated and of course how to trouble shoot application centric infrastructures.

Hands-On Labs

Enhance what you’ve heard in the morning with the hands-on labs in the afternoon. Integration, automation and troubleshooting will be the key labs to gain some experiences with new datacenter technologies. The hands-on labs will focus on Cisco CloudCenter, Microservices/Container and automation examples.

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Who should attend

This customer / enduser Bootcamp is aimed at Application Developers, Technical Solution Advisors, IT Architects, IT Consultants and System Engineers for Security, Networking, Virtualization, Containerization, Automation, Orchestration and Application Development.

When and where

  • Basel - 28th June 2016 (held in German)
  • Zürich - 29th June 2016 (held in German)
  • Maienfeld - 30th June 2016 (held in German)
  • Zürich - 5th July 2016 (held in English)
  • Lausanne - 6th July 2016 (held in English)