• Date: 9 May 2016
  • Location: Vienna
  • Duration: 9:00 - 18:00
  • Attendance: in person
  • Fee: free
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Deploying SIP Trunks with Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE/vCUBE) Enterprise, CUCM, and Cisco MediaSense

The theory session will provide an in-depth understanding on how to design and implement SIP Trunks with Cisco's Enterprise SBC – Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE/vCUBE). It will familiarize the participant with CUBE architecture, deployment options, and sizing guidelines. Differences between various CUBE and vCUBE platform options will also be discussed along with certain key elements of CUBE/vCUBE like Interworking, Media Manipulation, SIP Normalization, Simplified Call Routing, Call Recording using SIPREC, Multi-tenancy/VRF and High Availability.

Lab Abstract:
The lab session will walk participants through deploying an Enterprise VoIP network using Cisco’s Enterprise SBC – CUBE, Call agent – CUCM, and recording server – MediaSense. Basic and advanced implementation techniques of certain key elements of CUBE like Interworking, Media Manipulation, SIP Normalization, Call Admission Control, Simplified Call Routing, Network based media recording using SIPREC and High Availability are also part of this lab.

Lab topics include:
Module 1 : Connecting Enterprise Network to SIP Trunk Provider
Module 2 : Configuring Basic SIP Normalization
Module 3 : Configuring Media Transcoding
Module 4 : Configuring Call Admission Control
Module 5 : Configuring SIP Error Codes
Module 6 : Destination Dial-peer Group and Inbound SIP Profiles
Module 7 : Multiple E164 Pattern matching under same dial-peer
Module 8 : Destination Server Group
Module 9 : Media Forking, CUBE Controlled Network Based Recording Solution
Module 10 : Dial-peer Sorting
Module 11 : Configuring High Availability

Detailed CUBE collateral at

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