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    Thursday Tour
    Friday 9:30am
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  • Location:
    Incheon, South Korea
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A Living City of the Future Showcase

The Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) and Songdo Business District

Just 32 kilometers outside Seoul, a completely new kind of city is rising-the most ambitious urban development of its kind.
The Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) and its Songdo Business District- currently being developed by Cisco partner Gale International-are living showcases for the city of the future and a perfect venue for our inaugural Sustainable Cities of the Future Conference.

The vision for IFEZ is to create a Northeast Asian hub for international business, transportation and tourism that is environmentally sustainable and provides unparalleled opportunity and quality of life for residents and workers.

The Incheon Global Fair & Festival

The Sustainable Cities of the Future Conference will be held in conjunction with the Incheon Global Fair & Festival.
Conference attendees should consider adding a few extra days to their visit in order to tour the Festival, which will include dozens of exhibitions on topics ranging from advanced technology to digital art.

The 2009 Asia Pacific Cities Summit will take place from September 15-17, 2009 on-site at the Incheon Global Fair & Festival.
Attendees of the Sustainable Cities of the Future Conference will also have the opportunity to register for the 2009 Asia Pacific Cities Summit.

Exclusive Site Visits & Tours

Attendees of the Sustainable Cities of the Future Conference will have the opportunity to visit one of the following:

The Cisco Pavilion at Incheon Global Fair & Festival :
Enjoy a VIP tour of the Cisco Pavilion and experience Cisco's Smart+Connected Communities vision and the future of urban solutions and services, including healthcare, education, transportation, security and green energy.

Songdo City Tour : Connected Bus is a traveling showcase for the future of urban transportation.
Founders’ Club + Gale Security Center located in the Gale First World residential complex showcase a penthouse apartment where you will see the latest breakthroughs in home entertainment and urban amenities and building security.
Tomorrow City’s City Surveillance Center demonstrates advances in urban security and surveillance through Incheon’s public safety systems.
Songdo International School (SIS) for students kindergarten through high school, offers a state-of-the-art learning environment and international perspectives to prepare them for leading post-secondary schools around the world.