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    Friday 9:30am
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    Incheon, South Korea
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For the first time in human history, the majority of the world's population lives in urban areas. By 2050, at least 100 cities will be inhabited by more than one million people.

The foundation for the city of the future will be the network and the information it carries, enabling the delivery of vital services to citizens-from transportation utilities and security to entertainment, education and healthcare.

Everything will be connected, intelligent and green: from office buildings and appliances to hospitals and schools.

Citizens and business will enjoy unprecedented levels of collaboration, productivity and economic growth-all without compromising the environment.

We call this vision Smart+Connected Communities.

Cisco’s inaugural Sustainable Cities of the Future Conference in Incheon, Korea on 17-18 September was a huge success. The exciting event brought together thought leaders from governments, city developers and businesses to explore how this new model can improve city management, drive economic growth, promote sustainable development and deliver a better quality of life for citizens.

Now is your opportunity to tap into the insights and learnings presented at the inaugural event. Register now for access to the virtual conference videos that we have prepared for your benefit.