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Virtual Digital Content Manager de Cisco

Virtual Digital Content Manager de Ciscoview expanded image

Transform Your Video Headend

Virtual Digital Content Manager extends industry-proven video processing capabilities of the Cisco Digital Content Manager (DCM) platform. It delivers best-in-class video experiences from a set of virtualized video applications. Our solution is orchestrated with Cisco Virtualized Video Processing on a cloud-based, network function virtualization infrastructure.

Flexibly Support Video Processing

Deliver the highest picture quality for any codec to any screen and any network.

Features and Capabilities

Use our Virtual DCM to deliver industry-leading picture quality for any codec to any screen and any network. Taking full advantage of the elasticity, flexibility, and scalability of virtualized video functions, you can reduce costs and rapidly support new functionality like HEVC, 4K, and HDR.

With the Virtual DCM you gain the agility to capture emerging market opportunities for immersive video entertainment experiences.

Key Benefits

Premium Picture Quality on All Screens

  • Gain equivalent feature-richness and video quality to the DCM
  • Support premium picture quality, statistical multiplexing (statmux), multiplexing, multiscreen transcode, and much more

Flexibility and Modularity

  • Flexible service deployment across hybrid infrastructure
  • Workload portability across hardware and software

Service Reliability

  • Unified management with existing Cisco DCM appliances
  • Common code base with the DCM
  • Advanced redundancy, including service, stream, and IP interface redundancy

Total Cost of Ownership Savings

  • Elastic scaling on converged infrastructure resources
  • Simplified configuration and management

Specifications at a Glance

  • Rich set of multi-codec and multi-screen video, audio, and metadata processing features
  • Video processing support for hierarchical and dynamic group of pictures (GOP), de-interlacing, and pre-deblocking filtering
  • Advanced multiplexing and statmux
  • Input service and transport stream redundancy; 1:1 and N:M node redundancy
  • Support for lineup configuration, resource pool redundancy, and hybrid resource configuration
  • Fully documented, open API
  • Versatile deployment options, running as software on bare metal or virtualized

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