Reduce IT sprawl


Data centre architectures tend to get siloed, expensive to maintain, and poorly optimised over time. Cisco virtualisation helps centralise and consolidate your IT assets across the network.


Reduce IT sprawl


Unified Fabric

Simplify server connectivity, cabling, data centre infrastructure, administration, and management.


10GE Migration

Increasing bandwidth requirements and the aggregate growth of enterprise applications are accelerating deployments of 10 Gigabit Ethernet.


Vietnam Next Generation of Data Centre Workshop - April 2009

Next Generation of Data Centre Workshop 2009 Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, 8-10 April 2009

Featured Content

  • Data Centre: Virtualisation and the Network
    Learn how the network is facilitating the dynamic, efficient provisioning of virtualised services. The latest technologies, such as Cisco VFrame Data Centre, offer applications the same reliability, security, and performance as traditionally deployed physical infrastructures, while facilitating seamless data centre virtualisation and orchestration.

  • How Cisco IT Virtualises Data Centre Application Servers
    This case study covers Cisco's experience virtualising servers within a data centre from end-to-end - including challenges, solutions, results and learnings. (PDF )

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