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Secure Remote Work Demo

Protect your business and power your teams—wherever they are—for less than you spend on your weekly coffee runs.

What's covered in this webinar?

Learn about the Cisco Designed Secure Remote Work Solution all for less than £25* which includes:

  • Webex messaging and meetings
  • Secure Access by Duo
  • Umbrella cloud security
  • Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox

*Cisco suggested pricing per user per month

Webinar details:

On demand

Duration:11 mins

Language: English

Webinar description:

If your teams are working both on-site and at home, you need to make sure everyone can work productively and securely no matter where they're located.

With Cisco Designed Secure Remote Work, you don't need a big IT staff to get everyone set up right. It brings enterprise-grade, cloud-based collaboration and security solutions together in one package that’s easy to purchase, deploy, and use. You'll have all the tools you need to meet, message, and share documents with each other while staying connected to customers, protecting every user—and your critical data—seamlessly…

Join us on this demo webinar and see for yourself.

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