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5 top tech trends to drive operational efficiency in your business

For businesses today, the path to success is paved with technology. No longer can you rely on manual processes, old-fashioned marketing techniques and patchwork technology. Continued growth requires the kind of operational efficiency, customer service, agility and productivity that only modern technology can provide. It’s the only way to drive the digital transformation businesses need to thrive.

How to grow your business with Instagram

Did you know the photo-sharing app Instagram now has 800 million active monthly users? That’s a huge number of users that small and medium businesses could actively be engaging with. The elusive 18-34-year-old audience makes up the bulk of Instagram’s users, and many of them are not deterred by businesses on social media. In fact, 80% of the 800 million users are following at least one business, which suggests they want to hear about the brands and companies that they have an allegiance to.

GDPR one year on: data reveals business-growth benefits for GDPR-ready firms

When GDPR came into being on 25 May 2018, well over a third of companies globally were not ready for the EU data privacy regulation, according to the latest research from Cisco. The Cisco Threat Report finds that 59% of organisations said they were able to meet their data protection obligations come implementation day, leaving 41% still working towards regulatory compliance. Of these, 29% said they would be ready in under a year, nine per cent said they would be ready in over a year and three per cent said GDPR did not apply to them.