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5 ways to attract top talent to your business

More UK workers than ever before (59%) are looking to move jobs despite economic uncertainty, according to a survey conducted by Investors in People (IIP). When looking to attract the best employees, small and medium businesses may find it challenging to compete with larger enterprises that may be able to offer bigger pay packages. But while salary is an important consideration for any job hunter, it is only one part of a much bigger picture. In business today, employees value so many other parts of a job; the location, the people, the technology, the culture.

Women in tech: bridging the skills gap in cyber security

Women have the potential to help bridge the skills gap, yet they represent only 11 per cent of the cyber security workforce, according to ISC(2). This number has remained the same for four years, despite increasing recognition that gender diversity is a key part of fighting the cyber-attacks continuing to plague businesses on a daily basis.

Can AI Predict when a new hire will quit?

Fed up of investing in new hires only for them to leave months later? Data science startups have developed a series of cognitive and emotional exercises for interviewee candidates to determine how likely they are to remain in the job for more than a year. What if you knew when a job candidate would quit before you offered them the job? While the tech’s yet to predict the time new hires will spend at a job down to the minute, two startups are selling pattern matching that helps employers predict whether prospective employees will make it longer than a year. If the tech works, it could save employers billions. But is the payoff worth it?