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Get started right, start-up your business with Cisco. A safe, reliable IT solution with Meraki Go and effective collaboration with Webex makes it easy to get things rolling quickly and securely.

Meraki Go + Webex simplifies starting-up.

The right technology so you can focus on your goal

Why Meraki Go

Meraki Go is a cloud-based, do-it-yourself, intelligent IT solution for start-ups and small businesses:

  • Wi-Fi and device connectivity with helpful business insights, creating a fast, secure, and reliable solution that scales as you grow
  • Complete system management via the intuitive Meraki Go app
  • Simple control over settings — quickly allocate bandwidth to prioritize business needs 
  • Set-up in minutes with no networking know-how needed

Get started with Meraki Go: buy your IT gear and download the free smartphone app from your app store now. No additional software or subscription required.

Why Webex

Keep your team connected and your work secure. Webex video conferencing and communications drive business forward:

  • Simple, safe and reliable video conferencing that let you get work done, anywhere you work
  • A perfect fit for your Meraki Go network, prioritize Webex in a single click to start collaborating faster and smarter
  • Sign-up for free, its quick, with no credit card needed and no commitment

Get started with your free Webex Meetings plan: meet up to 100 participants with no time limit, HD video, screen sharing, and a personal room.

Watch and Win

Join our on-demand webinar to learn how to start-up right with a safe, reliable IT solution and effective collaboration with Meraki Go + Webex.

The perfect match to start-up: Meraki Go + Webex

When you start-up with Cisco, you can have the best of both with Meraki Go + Webex. Get a flexible Wi-Fi solution and best-in-class video conferencing and online meeting software, completely scalable to your needs. No technical expertise needed.

The power of Meraki Go + Webex together will help you quickly start-up with a powerful, secure, customisable IT set-up, on flexible terms and no long-term commitments.

Building for the Future: virtual escape room challenge

-Play our virtual escape room now! Immerse yourself in the technology to see for yourself how easy it is to set-up and start-up with Cisco – and help your business grow.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Meraki Go?

It's never been easier to pivot your business, gain new customers, increase brand loyalty, enhance collaboration, and so much more. Meraki Go is a cloud-based business solution that not only provides WiFi and device connectivity, but gives you insights on how your business is performing, information on what your customers are up to, and simple control over settings.

How do I use Meraki Go?

Meraki Go devices can all easily be installed, managed, and gain business insights by using the simple to use Meraki Go App downloadable from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store.

Are Meraki Go devices secure?

Meraki Go separates management data from user data. Management data (e.g. configuration, statistics, monitoring, etc.) flows from Meraki Go devices (Wi-Fi access points, switches, and security gateway) to the Cisco Meraki cloud over a secure Internet connection. User data (web browsing, internal applications, etc.) does not flow through the cloud, instead flowing directly to its destination on the local network or across the WAN.

What is a WiFi access point?

A WiFi Access Point is a piece of hardware used to enable your phones/tablets/TV’s/Till Systems and other devices to have wireless internet connectivity.

How secure are Webex products?

All of your Webex meetings, events, training, and remote support products are protected by a highly reliable and secure network.

What is the range of the Wi-Fi access point?

As a guideline for each Meraki Go, it is assumed that it will be used in an office space of about 25 people with moderate Internal usage. You can expand the range by installing multiple Meraki Go access points.

Can Cisco Webex Meetings integrate with my other IT investments?

Being committed to your collaboration success means knocking down barriers to connecting. Webex Meetings is designed to integrate with the rest of your IT systems

What’s the limit on the number of meetings I can have each month?

Like many start ups, you will probably find a growing online meetings culture, where people prefer to use Webex Meetings because it’s fast, easy, and incredibly productive. People on the road can participate in a meeting with their mobile devices. You can have one meeting or a hundred.

What is Meraki Go's support model?

Customers can submit a ticket to a Meraki Go support engineer through the app or account portal. Meraki Go engineers will be available from Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm (PST). Other forms of support include the Meraki Go Community and Meraki Go Documentation websites