Cisco Shipper’s Insurance Policy

Customer Freight Insurance Program

Policy Information

This website provides information about Cisco System International BV's claim process for  damaged, lost or pilfered products hipped under Cisco-routed CIP terms. CIP Incoterm states that risk of ownership is transferred from the seller to the buyer when the products have been delivered to the first carrier. Please note that it is also the responsibility of the seller to procure minimum value insurance on behalf of the buyer.

For customers who have purchased insurance from Cisco or customers who are shipping products via Cisco's logistics program to the European Union, United Kingdom, Norway or Switzerland, any shipments that are damaged, pilfered or lost (any of which referred to as "the loss" within this website) at or after the point of handover to the first carrier, a claim should be filed with the insurance company holding the Shippers Insurance policy, appointed by Cisco to provide coverage for any such damaged or lost shipments. After receipt of all required documentation in connection with a valid claim from your company, reimbursement will be in accordance with the insurance policy and paid directly to you. Cisco Systems, Inc. has purchased a full value insurance policy on your behalf. You can also view the certificate of insurance for this policy. The insurance company can require assessment of any shipment, but in general, for damaged goods with a value of at least $50,000 U.S, an on-site assessment will need to be made by agents of the insurance company. 

If you report the loss to Cisco Customer Service within 7 days of delivery or notification of loss, Cisco will log a claim on your company's behalf. If you wish to replace the loss at the time a claim is made, Cisco will place a second order on your behalf at the same price and terms as the original shipment, which shall be payable under the same conditions as the original one. This means that no $0 replacement orders or RMAs to return goods will be created to replace the loss. Please note that your company will still be required to make full payment on the original invoice in accordance with the terms and conditions of the original order and the agreement entered into with Cisco for the purchase of these products. 

If you do not report the loss to Cisco Customer Service within 7 days of delivery or notification of loss, your case will need to be reviewed upon submittal to Cisco Customer Service to assess if an exceptional claim can be filed.

If you do not wish Cisco to file the claim on your behalf, you may also file your claim directly with the insurance company. If you wish to do this, please complete the claim form and loss statement (also embedded within the claim form), and e-mail them to the addresses provided in the claim form.

Please note that this policy is only for damaged, lost or pilfered products. For short-shipments, please contact Cisco Customer Service to report the under-shipment. For products that are not working at the time of receipt, please contact Cisco's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and provide them with your service contract details. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Once product has been delivered to customer’s dock and product is shipped again by the customer to another location, a CIP claim cannot be submitted. 

Additional information concerning the insurance can be obtained through Cisco Customer Service.

Overview of Claim Process

In order to have Cisco Customer Service file a claim on your behalf, please report any loss within 7 days of delivery or notification of the loss. 

If you do not report the loss to Cisco Customer Service within 7 days of delivery or notification of loss, your case will need to be reviewed upon submittal to Cisco Customer Service to assess if an exceptional claim can be filed.

Cisco Customer Service will be able to take you through the detailed claim process when you contact us to report any loss. Once a claim is filed by Cisco Customer Service on your company's behalf, you will be included on all future correspondence related to the claim. You can also contact Customer Service if you have any queries throughout the claim process.

vent Average days to complete Cumulative time cycle - best-case scenario* Cumulative time cycle - worst-case scenario**
Customer loss realized   Day 0 Day 0
Customer reports loss to Cisco Customer Service 7 days allowed Day 1 Day 7
Cisco reports first notice of loss to insurance 1.5 days Day 1 Day 9
Customer provides documentation to Cisco for full claim submission 21 days allowed Day 2 Day 28
Cisco submits full claim to insurance adjustor 1.5 days Day 3 Day 30
Insurance company acknowledges claim 3 days Day 6 Day 33
Insurance company confirms if on-site assessment is required 1 day Day 7 Day 34
Insurance adjustor assesses claim, initiates wire transfer for any approved claims 10 days Day 7 Day 44***
Customer receives funds 7 days Day 11 Day 51

*Best case scenario would include a shipment with low value and easily-assessed damage or loss via photographs.

**Worst-case scenarios would include late notification of loss by customer, full time taken to provide loss documentation by customer, a shipment with high value and damage that is likely to be assessed as a full loss.

***Damage claims over a value of $50,000 that are likely to be assessed as a full loss will take 8 days longer to assess

****In Europe if the damage is less than $12k, Cisco will provide a replacement unit(s) in lieu of an insurance claim as part of the European Franchise Deductible Program.

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