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As a growing mid-market business, you thrive when your business has the competitive edge and when staff feel like it’s a great place to work. With our solutions for network infrastructure, collaboration, data centres and security, we can help your business to thrive. 

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Secure the network


Your business is becoming more and more appealing to hackers

The intimate data footprint you hold is a goal for hackers. Your company’s reputation stands on your cybersecurity measures and ability to secure everything you know about your customers


GDPR is coming, is your data secure?

With serious fines for non-compliance, GDPR will apply to you and every business that handles customer data. If you’re not proactively tackling cyber risk solutions, you may soon be forced to.

Upgrade or move office

Need your office space to work better for you?

Make your existing space a better office for everyone.

Time to branch out?

Make the office move in a matter of minutes not days.

Check out our resources for digitising your office

It’s time you had a fully digital office.

Improve customer loyalty


Not getting enough returning customers?

Return customers are good for your business. Make interactions easy and effortless.


Enable digital customer experience

with the right data insights, you can stop bombarding customer with the wrong offers and predict what they need instead.


Intelligent customer internet

If you make it easy for your customers to get online on their smartphone or laptop, they will stay and return.


Keep customer relationships profiled

recognise return customers and remember their needs to gain more productive relationships.

Get started with apps

Want to get in on the action with apps?

Want to get in on the app action?

Evolve your cloud strategy and make apps work for you

Evolve your cloud strategy and make apps work for you.

Are your staff taking risks using unprotected apps?

Shadow IT cyber risk solutions - stop your staff risking cybersecurity

Attracting and retaining talent


Become a great place to work. Attract and retain the best talent of the Information Age for your business.


Make work fun and engaging for your staff. Work smarter and be more productive.


Get digital culture right. Make sure talented staff choose your business and stick with you.

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Get the right expertise

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Solve problems faster. Improve operational efficiency. Reduce your risk of downtime. And focus on business innovation.

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Gain optimal performance and run your network intelligently with technical and professional expertise, tools, and best practices.

Staggered flexible payments

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