Cisco Connected Justice

5 ways to build a better justice experience

Digital transformation. It means bringing technology we already use every day into the justice system. It’ll help police officers stay in touch with their communities. And it’ll improve the experiences that members of the public have every day.

Digitisation of the Justice sector

Cisco's digital network platforms are the vital foundation layers, which enable further digitisation, and modernisation, of the end to end Police and Courts systems. As the systems and processes develop further, to incorporate more and more aspects of the digital environment enabled by the Internet of Everything (IoE), Cisco will work with our partners to provide industry leading secure network centric solutions to meet the needs of the Justice System in the UK.

Enabling the digitisation of the Police Force's in England and Wales

With the ongoing evolution of Policing in England and Wales aligned to the changing nature of crime, the need to protect the weak, and the vulnerable, the increased availability and use of digital evidence, and the need to streamline police processes to improve workforce efficiency, there is no doubt that Policing will continue to become ever more “digitised”. Digital evidence, whether it be in the form of Video from street based, or body worn cameras, captured email transmissions, or crime scene digital images, is now the norm in the majority of Police cases. The Police are using a number applications to capture and manage this evidence, as it is packaged into case files ready for onward use, and transmission in the Police and Justice system. Cisco solutions are present in all aspects of Police digitisation, and we will continue to work ever more closely, with our partners within the end to end digital Policing ecosystem.

Enabling the digitisation of the Courts and Tribunal service in England and Wales

The courts and tribunals within England and Wales, are on a major journey to modernise the justice system. This will mean the move away from a paper based environment, to a courts system which is based around digital case files – linked through from the digital Police environment, through the Crown Prosecution Service, and onto the Courts. Taking this further, through the digitisation of the courts system, the move away from the traditional court room environment will be enabled – where necessary those involved in a case, can join via video (particularly beneficial if defendants can be linked in from their secure environment). Sessions will not have to be adjourned to enable evidence to be gathered in physical form, as it will be indexed and available digitally, and travel costs can be reduced dramatically.

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