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Carbon Reduction Commitment: How can Cisco help?

Organisations who consume over 6,000 Mega Watt hours (MWhs) of electricity each year fall under the CRC legislation. Currently this equates to approximately 5,000 named organisations across all industry verticals in the UK.

Organisations are required to purchase credits to cover their expected carbon emissions and currently will initially be charged £12 per tonne of expected Carbon Dioxide emission. Further to this, organisations failing to comply with the reporting aspect of this by September 2011 could face an additional fine.


How much electricity is your IT Infrastructure consuming?

Buildings & IT infrastructure account for approximately 50% of an organisation's energy bill. 'EnergyWise' from Cisco has the capability of providing visibility today of how much energy your IT infrastructure consumes, allowing you to make proactive decisions on how to influence this downwards. Furthermore, this integrates into building management systems, with an eye on reducing ongoing building management costs.

Sustainable Environment

Extend the Network as the Platform to create a sustainable environment. Provide energy management for buildings and the community.


Smart Connected Buildings
Reduce energy consumption and overall carbon footprint.

EnergyWise Technology

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Cisco Network Building Mediator
Reduce energy consumption and overall carbon footprint.

Convergence in Connected Real Estate

Convergence in Connected Real Estate

Learn more about the architecture that enables creation of smart buildings.