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Working with startups


Check out the article in Information Week for the full story.

The new rules of engagement between enterprise and startup

This article in InformationWeek from Cisco’s Alex Goryachev goes to the heart of how to make enterprise-startup relationships work. And in the hunt for talent and innovation, it’s never been more important to get these partnerships right.

Key takeaways:

  • Startups need enterprises for scale. Enterprises need startups for speed and fresh talent. Yet startups are wary of enterprises stealing ideas, and enterprises fear startups as risky and secretive. We need new rules of engagement.
  • Startups should engage with enterprises through events like hackathons — or through organised programmes like innovation centres and accelerators.
  • Enterprises should be part of their local startup community to build trust and relationships.

Check out the article in Information Week for the full story



Take it further

Cisco has made more than 200 acquisitions over the years, and we’re a huge believer in engaging with our local startup communities. We run our own Innovation Centres across the globe and support hubs like IDEALondon and Mi-IDEA.