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The Way People Work

The workforce is evolving. What people trends will shape your IT strategy?

Collaborate. Engage. How technology plus policies transform productivity in the modern workplace.

What strategy should CIOs take to integrate technology within the workplace? What must IT executives do in partnership with corporate real-estate and HR business partners to meet the needs of the workforce of the future? This report explains what really matters to workers, and examines the technology trends can make workers more engaged, empowered, productive, safe and secure.

Six disruptive trends will shape the future of work. Understand how they will shape IT strategy in the workplace:

  • Digital Twins: enhance product development and innovation, asset monitoring, optimization, and user experience with a digital software representation that mirrors a unique physical object.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality: two-thirds of workers are open to use AR/VR in the workplace (source: Futurum Research)
  • Augmented Workforce: CIOs need to assess the automation potential of jobs, and analyse gaps in the workflow where artificial intelligence and machines can assist humans
  • Shared Workspaces: IT needs to offer flexible technology solutions to accommodate vendors, consultants and teams in shared workspaces within an existing corporate office.
  • The Sensing Workplace: real-estate teams need data analytics in order to inform decisions about workforce planning. Human Resources need to quantify decisions about hiring, promotion, training, and culture.
  • The ‘Gig’ Economy: Today’s evolving workforce is a portfolio of full-time employees, contract and freelance talent, of which technology is the enabler.




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