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Equip workers of the future


New innovations, new disruptions and entirely new industries are emerging in the network’s next act.

Simultaneously, the consumerisation of IT has heightened users’ expectations of their personal interaction with technology at work, play and learning.

How can you transform your workforce planning and reimagine your experience in the world in order to modernize your business?

How should IT leaders work in partnership with human-resources and real-estate business partners to meet the needs of the workforce of the future?

How best should CIOs integrate technology to spark wonder and innovation among workers?


The future of work: A more creative and productive culture for employees

The digital workplace of the future will use technology to make the employee experience more creative, rewarding and productive.

The Way People Work

Collaborate. Engage. How technology plus policies transform productivity in the modern workplace.

Workforce Experience 2020

Six trends are shaping the future of work. How can CIOs harness them?

Keeping Pace with Time-to-Market

Giving workers and suppliers the platform to collaborate is essential when time-to-market defines success.



Optimising for Innovation