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The Future of Work is coming. And it’s borderless, lightning-fast, highly creative.

Read the full report “The Future of Work: It’s Borderless, Lightning-fast and Highly Creative”

to learn how you, as a CIO, can lead your organisation to meet the expectations of your best employees.

The future of work — it’s an exciting frontier that’s coming to your enterprise at breakneck speed. More than ever, innovation and collaboration will be the business drivers and keys to success. In our fast-changing world of work, speed, agility, and creativity drive competitive advantage. To succeed, teams need better ways to meet, share ideas and information, and get things done — fast.

To meet these expectations, your business requires the latest technology to change and expand the boundaries of human potential. As well as the right culture, to attract and retain top talent. See what the respondents to a Cisco survey of more than 1300 knowledge workers across nine countries thought about the changes their organisations are making for the future of work. 


Key takeaways:

1.      Goodbye place-ism! The future of work is about what we do, not where. Today’s technology can make almost any place a workplace, allowing modern workers the freedom to decide how and where they contribute the most value. That means that “place-ism,” the insistence that all employees work in the same space, will increasingly hinder success — and innovation — moving forward.

2.      Get meetings right: poor, unproductive meetings are a top challenge and persistent complaint. Yet, efficient and effective meetings have an enormous impact on satisfaction, productivity and creativity. The key is getting the most out of those meetings, no matter where participants are located.

3.      The right technology for a borderless future: beyond the current collaboration capabilities in the market today, AI, voice recognition, and other emerging technologies are poised to play a major role in improving the experience of the knowledge workers of the future. These tools will alleviate time spent on administrative tasks and managing large amounts of data – and will support a better, faster, decision-making process.

Read the full report “The Future of Work: It’s Borderless, Lightning-fast and Highly Creative” here.