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Defeat Place-ism: meetings can happen anywhere

Are you struggling to adapt to the fast-paced agile working culture your employees are demanding? Huddle spaces can transform your office environment, read our report to find out how.

Optimise your office environment

The way your employees work has changed and most likely how you work has changed too. No longer are we confined to the traditional office space with meetings tied to the boardroom, we are mobile, flexible and meetings are ad-hoc.  And with this comes the challenge to enable employees that are more mobile and have higher expectations for working collaboratively and fluidly. This is only magnified with the rise of a millennial workforce who are demanding more agile and flexible working environments. As a CIO how do you plan to tackle these changes and meet the requests of your workforce?

Employees  expect boardroom-quality meetings when they jump into an open space in your office, but according to  Rise of the huddle space report 62 percent of IT professionals say users are seeking help several times a week to get the technology to work. IT departments are still too focused on equipping boardroom style meetings with sophisticated collaboration tools which are too complex to use for the ad-hoc meeting.

To get work done with minimal friction, workers want and need quick, simple, seamless technology that lets them patch in remote colleagues for quick group collaboration, in smaller, cosier spaces: Welcome to the rise of the huddle space.

By driving this move to adapt your open office to a new huddle space environment you will be eliminating the difficulty associated with traditional workspaces, these new huddle space environments will not only increase meeting efficiency within your workforce but improve employee engagement and collaboration.

Get ready to huddle

While huddle spaces may be a relatively new concept, the demand is high and they can quickly help  maximise your current office space, scaling from 10-10,000 spaces with one simple setup, and simple management across all devices. With minimal investment you can deliver more productivity per square foot, resulting in workspaces that are the appropriate size for the team, with the right tools to get the job done.

Read the full report: “Rise of the huddle space” here. 


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