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Reducing risk with multicloud adoption

Adopting Multicloud — A Fact-Based Blueprint for Reducing Enterprise Business Risks.

As part of our annual research with IDC on cloud adoption, we have been working to understand better the numbers and the trends on how multicloud is changing the status quo. This year, we went a bit deeper and asked IDC to provide the “so what” and some recommendations on what that means for businesses and how they can reduce risk to navigate the different clouds.

Key takeaways:

  • 93% of businesses were projected to be already using multiple clouds, 58% work with at least 4 and 15% are working with at least 10! Overall, 78% org businesses are using some sort of cloud (2017). Based on IDC’s methodology, it seems that only 11% are making the most of multicloud adoption.
  • The main drivers for multicloud adoption are:
    • new roles and the desire from the non-technical side of business to adopt 3rd party SaaS cloud services, to consume and/or offer to their partners and customers better and more meaningful user experiences. IT Ops teams are now introducing a layer of visibility across both the IT teams, as well as the rest of the business, focused on user experience.
    • the immediate benefits when moving in-house IT software to those SaaS applications.
    • specific infrastructure and platform offerings from cloud providers (IoT, mobile, security, big data services etc.)
    • in addition to 3rd party cloud providers, there also industry or governmental clouds create for economies of scale or regulation purposes.
  • Containers are evolving into the de facto technology of cloud native development with more mature organisations already adopting them. Containers are driving businesses to evolve from a cultural and organizational points of view, influencing how development teams work with data centre, networking and security teams. IDC provides a risk-based analysis on adopting containers.
  • IDC also provides in-depth recommendations for increasing cloud maturity, looking into areas such as cloud contractual aspects, metrics, skills, security, networking, processes and governance.



Read IDC’s whitepaper


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