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Transforming with AI Technologies

Machines learn how to help humans communicate smarter

To disrupt or be disrupted?

A 2017 KPMG survey showed that 77% of all UK CEO’s said they want their company to be the disruptor. With teamwork growing in importance, demand for technology that helps people work better together as more creative, empowered humans is rapidly rising.

As a discerning CIO, you will know that speed of innovation and how to enable your workforce to collaborate and get work done faster than the rest has never been more critical. However, such collaborative speed is reliant upon a Unified Cloud Communications experience and a practical approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Key Takeaways

This Article, previously published in the Raconteur AI For Business Review supplement of The Times in May 2018, highlights five significant ways that artificially intelligent technologies and algorithms are transforming how people conduct meetings in the workplace by bringing new meaning and value to team collaboration through:


of UK Chief Executives said they want their company to be a disrupter¹



who had an administrative helper said they would be more productive if they also had a virtual assistant²



of all survey respondents said their teams would be more productive if a virtual assistant helped them³


Cisco Webex has

130 million

active users per month and is one of the largest and most widely recognised enterprise cloud services in the world

Cisco Webex facilitates

6 billion

meetings a month and bringing together AI features.


Webex AI enabled features mean algorithms can recognise and filter out sounds such as tapping keyboards and barking dogs and voice control

1 Source from KPMG’s 2017 Global CEO Outlook
2,3 Source from Cisco AI survey