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New roles in the new IT work force

Cisco IT explains how skills, roles and career paths evolve with an intent-based approach.

For IT leaders, the shift towards intent-based networking is more than just about the implementation of technology.

Fully realizing the benefits of intent-based networking also means evolving the way an IT team works and redefining the role of the IT practitioner.

For example, IT teams may supplement traditional “waterfall” methods for development and release with agile methodologies and data analytics.

In this video, Carol Goh, Senior Director, explains how Cisco IT’s experience offers IT leaders a view of what this workforce evolution will mean for their own IT organizations.


Key takeaways:

  1. Creating, managing and securing today’s networks require job roles that didn’t exist even a few years ago, such as release train engineer, product owner, product manager, and scrum master.
  2. New roles also mean making sure there is a career path for the employees who make the transition from traditional IT jobs.
  3. 75% of Cisco IT engineers are now trained in agile methodologies in order to accelerate this evolution in operational culture.



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