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Solving the DX talent gap

Read the full report, “Strategically Solving the DX Talent Gap with Third-Party Services”, for details of the digital capabilities you need, and how to evaluate the right providers to support you. (PDF, 10 pages)

IDC report shows how to tackle the skills gap in digital transformation

Does your team have the right culture and talent to turn your digital strategy into reality? This report from analysts IDC suggests not — but reveals how the right approach to using third-party services can bridge the gap. It’s packed with data from IDC’s latest research.

Key takeaways:

  • 69% of leaders IDC surveyed said they lacked the right people, knowledge and technology in their organisation to digitally transform.
  • 40% of all enterprise investment in digital transformation (DX) will be allocated to services between 2017 and 2020, indicating talent shortages in the market.
  • 75% of enterprises will turn to third-party services across the full lifecycle of services, driven by the need for faster execution and a low-risk, methodical approach. Finding the right partner will be critical.
  • Third party service providers should offer the right people and proven processes, but also tools and capabilities around analytics and automation to accelerate the DX journey.

Read the full report, “Strategically Solving the DX Talent Gap with Third-Party Services” here



Take it further

For another angle on the role services can play in your transformation, check out this report from ZK Research, “Digital transformation services are critical to business success” (PDF, 24 pages)