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How do you attract IT talent? Ask an engineer.

How do you attract IT talent? Ask an engineer.

It sounds painfully obvious, but every CIO’s IT talent strategy needs to consider how to attract and retain the best engineering talent. All the training and reskilling, career development and outside sourcing strategies in the world won’t help you if your best people leave and if you can’t attract the new talent to replace them.

If you want to know how to attract and retain bright engineers, you need to know a lot about them. What motivates them? How do they like to learn? What do they look for from an employer?

And who better to answer these questions than the engineers themselves?

This interview with Aseel Othman, a network consulting engineer with Cisco CX in Krakow, Poland, explores the importance of lifelong learning, culture and environment when building an engineering team that’s truly innovative and customer-obsessed. As the world’s youngest female CCIE, active in school outreach, Othman also talks about her perspective on women in tech, and how critical it is for employers to focus on results instead of stereotypes if they’re to get the best talent into their business.

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