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Master risk and compliance

Secure your business to earn trust from customers and the Board

The threat landscape continues to grow, and will only become more complicated. The more connections we create, from humans to machines to IoT-enabled devices and beyond, the more vigilant IT leaders must become of the perils of unprotected connections.

As enterprises become more open, mobile, and distributed, as their users become more connected to a wider array of devices and digitised services, IT leaders must anticipate the entire attack continuum, reduce time to detection and identification of anomalous activity.

Simultaneously, IT leaders – as data owners and data controllers – must understand their liabilities and opportunities within new regulatory environments that specify how the lifecycle of employee, partner and customer data and privacy ought to be handled.

The business needs assurance that a security failure won’t risk the survival of the organisation. Get your cybersecurity posture right and you’ll be rewarded with the trust of both the Board and your customers.  And with the right approach, you’ll be able to spend more time focusing on unlocking new innovation and growth instead.

Cybersecurity EMEAR

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How CIOs can use risk management to defeat cybersecurity threats

Trends in cybercrime show sophisticated digital attacks are inevitable. To stay ahead, CIOs must think of IT security as a form of on-going risk management.

Why IT Projects Fail

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Good privacy is good for business

Understand your organization’s readiness to store, transfer and delete customer data.

Security starts at the board level

Build a company culture in which effective security is everybody’s job.



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