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The inside story on making innovation happen

Walk a Mile in Their Rain Boots: The Innovative CX of 5G RuralFirst


The inside story on making innovation happen

Executive Perspectives has covered the UK’s 5G RuralFirst project before, and you’ve probably heard about many of its achievements in the headlines on the BBC and other news sites.

This interview with Stephen Speirs, one of the leading lights in this most inspirational of innovation projects, takes us behind the scenes of 5G RuralFirst to explore the techniques and approaches that were so key to its success.

As part of Cisco’s CX organization, Speirs is used to helping IT leaders tackle challenges that have never been solved before. In this article, he explores how he engaged multiple perspectives and an ecosystem of partners to focus on clear business use cases and real customer outcomes. This is not innovation on a whiteboard: it’s resulted in live projects, at scale, pushing 5G into new territory where it can add incredible value.

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