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The New X Factor: Cognitive Collaboration

Cognitive Collaboration weaves context and intelligence across applications and improves human connections and productivity. 

Today's workflows are complex. Teamwork spans time zones, applications, and workplaces where outdated technology challenges your ability to get work done. Collaboration that integrates relationship intelligence and people insights, artificial intelligence, and business processes can result in better teamwork and proactive customer journeys.

AI is transforming technology across the way we work. Therefore, allowing a highly mobile, sophisticated workforce to fully leverage its talents, to maintain satisfaction and engagement, and to get things done faster has a direct impact on productivity.

Cognitive collaboration brings together intelligence and context throughout all collaboration experiences. By bridging AI and ML capabilities, with insight and context of the meeting or customer interaction creates more meaningful experiences and enables better outcomes.

The modern marketplace places far higher priority on positive experience as a chief attractor and retainer of customers. As such, customer care is now more than ever, about automating while still personalizing the customer digital journey so that everyone feels fully understood and cared for. Although bots and automation have been used for years, they have not employed substantive intelligence to accurately track and respond to a customer’s specific needs of the moment.

Learn how AI will transform team and customer collaboration

Read our whitepaper Collaboration with the X Factor - How AI is transforming the way we work to understand how Cisco is driving innovation in the industry and captures the tangible benefits of Cognitive Collaboration in technology you can use today to enable your employees and customers for better relationships and outcomes.