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Reducing the danger of human error in industry

Using Artificial Intelligence to help overcome the barriers of PPE compliance

Keeping people happy, healthy and safe while they’re at work is of paramount importance.

Ensuring worker safety is even more critical in regulated industries where, in addition to the risk of harming individuals, there’s the threat of non-compliance fines and productivity-stifling disruption if action needs to be taken to pause or shut down projects.

And it’s not just about putting processes in place but ensuring compliance amongst the workforce. We’re all human and sadly we are fallible. Human error is a huge danger in any industry where health and safety is potentially at risk, from construction to manufacturing or medicine and it accounts for too many incidents each year.

Cortexica, one of the world’s most exciting AI start-ups

In partnership with Cortexica  Cisco is working on an autonomous monitoring system that assures safe working environments.

Powered by artificial intelligence, AI-SAFE continuously monitors an area and automatically reacts to specific dangers in real time, whether that’s only opening doors if clothing or equipment requirements are met or alerting security to an individual based on a pre-determined profile.

Advanced real-time video analysis algorithms and machine learning can improve worker safety.

AI-Safe combines real-time video analysis with machine learning enabling it to match what an employee is wearing – including headgear, eyewear, footwear, and other PPE (or Personal Protection Equipment) – against pre-set rules for entering a work area. Mounted above entry and exit points of working environments, the technology replaces the manual spot check system, and is applicable in any number of different instances: from operating theatres, to hardhat sites and IT dev labs.

Every business has their own method of monitoring health and safety and for many this is a manual process, but human eyes can’t be everywhere at once. With so much going on it is very easy to find yourself focusing in the wrong place at a crucial moment.


Artificial Intelligence has an impact on Health & Safety

Using artificial intelligence to monitor health and safety threats automatically frees up the on-site manager from the labour intensive nature of manual monitoring, allowing them to focus on other important work.

Any detected threats can be flagged and acted upon in real time. Access to the work environment can be restricted until the person in question is properly equipped, and the onsite manager informed. This means decisions can be made based on real time data inputs, also reducing your risk of financial or reputational penalties.

Artificial Intelligence is the next generation of health and safety protection based on data and analytics and its application can reach a whole range of industries and environments: from medical labs to ports and beyond.

Every employer is responsible for creating a safe and secure working environment and artificial intelligence can help with monitoring work areas and keeping the company informed of potential threats.

Watch this short video to see how the solution works.