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Insight at the Speed of Change

How do you meet the business need for speed? Our research explains.

If your business is challenging you to step up, and speed up, how can you respond? Our research shows that CIOs are turning to a new class of IT service providers, equipped with advanced analytics and automation capabilities, as partners to make this transition happen.

Key takeaways:

  • 56% say their IT teams must “fundamentally change the way they operate in response to internal business demand”. One CIO said “you’re really seeing a push for speed, but also a more insightful way of doing business”.
  • 74% said that “using IT services is essential to our organisation’s success”. Why? 80% said using third parties enabled IT to focus on strategic imperatives instead of operations. 71% said providers increase the speed of adopting new technologies. One leader said “the world tomorrow is showing up so fast … we’ve got to be much more future-thinking”.
  • 65% said that automation is the “driving force” behind their business transformation — and that’s automation based on huge data sets, leveraging machine learning and AI. Services companies offer this data and the experience to turn it into insight that helps IT teams predict the future.