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The CIO’s new role

It is no longer enough to lead IT. Here is how to lead the digital business.

Are you leading or following?

Nearly 40% of CIOs say they’re the leaders of digital transformation in their enterprises. Are you? If you want to step up from the engine room of IT operations to being a partner to the business in digital disruption, this ebook points the way.

Key takeaways:

The ebook identifies five things CIOs must focus on:

  1. Embracing automation to drive efficiency. Any digital initiative should start with firm foundations — and automating underlying technology platforms, like the network, is critical to both getting the right outcomes and to freeing up your team’s resources to focus on innovation.
  2. Creating a new workplace for a better employee experience. The digital business is still a human business. The right collaboration tools can drive productivity and help your peers in the business attract and retain talent.
  3. Taking a proactive approach to security. Your Board (not to mention your customers) won’t take you seriously if you leave sensitive data wide open. Take a new approach to protecting your business.
  4. Managing IT complexity with cloud technology. Cloud isn’t going away. The next challenge is to develop a multicloud strategy that gives you flexibility without risk.
  5. Reducing costs and increasing return on investment. You have to earn your seat at the table by showing IT’s value for money as a cost centre — or even better, business impact as a value creator.



Read the eBook

Read the eBook

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