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Here’s the science bit

Our own CIO has a bold hypothesis about digital transformation and the Chief Information Officer’s central role in guiding positive business outcomes.

You wouldn’t expect your CIO to show up at the office in a white lab coat. But she – or he – might have more in common with a research scientist than you’d give credit for.

Cisco EMEAR’s Chief Information Officer and physics postgraduate Colin Seward sees the commercial world through an unashamedly scientific lens. In particular, he likens digital transformation to a scientific experiment where business leaders create and stress-test models – just as they’d do in the lab:

“They have a hypothesis about where they want to go – but to validate that hypothesis they need to do an experiment. They maybe need to build some applications, and as soon as customers are using those, they need to get some results and data."

“That’s why the CIO can play such an important role” states Colin. “As they’re sitting at the table with the executives, they now need the CIO to build those systems quickly, thinking about the measurements they need from those systems to learn very quickly about whether the direction is correct – and if not to course correct.”

Watch our one-minute video for a fresh perspective on the CIO’s essential role as the catalyst for faster, more agile business transformation.