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Digital Transformation Is a Business Strategy

IDC report shows how CIOs should approach digital transformation as a business strategy

How much is digital transformation worth to your business? This report from analysts IDC quantifies the strategy benefits of a digital-ready network in terms of revenue growth (faster-time-to-market, new-customer acquisition and service-enablement) and reduced costs (including: security and risk mitigation, and productivity).

Key takeaways:

  • Organisations are achieving benefits of up to USD745,000 per 100 users per year by advancing their digital network readiness.
  • 45% of organisations surveyed by IDC worldwide are planning to rapidly adopt a more automated and “self-driving” network as the foundation of digital transformation
  • Companies interviewed were able to reduce their costs associated with deployment, support, and management of network systems by 30%, saving $332 per user
  • Stronger network readiness leads to positive business outcomes, but CIOs must build a clear network road map and clearly communicate the business value of the evolving network to a diverse set of enterprise decision makers
Why a Digital-Ready Network Makes Business Sense

Read the full report, “Why a Digital-Ready Network Makes Business Sense”, for details of the survey. (PDF, 13 pages)

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