Industrial Intelligence

An Empowered Supply Chain

AkzoNobel's CIO empowers an integrated supply chain with converging technologies. (3:57 min)

Akzo Nobel, the largest paints and coatings company in the world, is a 14 billion Euro company with operations in 80 countries. Pieter Schoehuijs, CIO of AkzoNobel, describes how embracing disruptive technologies to empower integrated supply chains has yielded drastic changes in creating, manufacturing, and delivering products to its customers.

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Implementing Industrial Intelligence


Design and deploy a reliable, intelligent, and highly secure network infrastructure plantwide.

Borderless Experience

Connect anyone, anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Collaboration Your Way

Help your people communicate more naturally, from any location.

Expert Insight

Peter Schoehuijs

CIO, Telstra, Australia

“The consumerization of IT, of course, is taking place and putting pressure on corporate IT groups like us. That's where the exciting stuff is.”

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Angel L. Mendez

Senior Vice President, Customer Value Chain Management

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