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How Cognitive Collaboration can transform your Business

What's inside the Whitepaper?

How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) help you and your teams work smarter? How will it impact how you interact with each other and new technology? 

Dave Michels, founder and principal analyst at TalkingPointz, explores how AI will help facilitate Cognitive Collaboration to create more contextual, personalized, and predictive interactions and workflows:

Know your AI

From chatbots to machine learning, Michels explains different types of AI and how it’s put into practice.

Artificial Intelligence is back

AI applied to cloud computing has created a huge, scalable network capable of storing vast amounts of data, with a capacity to learn and improve on the go. 

Cognitive collaboration

What is it and how will it change the game for your business? 

It starts with meetings

Welcome to the new world of meetings! McKinsey suggested that today’s emerging technologies could potentially automate 45% of all work activities. The immediate opportunity for most organizations will be to focus on internal processes such as meetings. 

Cognitive Collaboration in the Contact Center

Discover how data analytics can make it easier for your contact center to leverage all the data that is currently spread across the organization, gain valuable insights into customers’ behaviours, and deliver more personalized experiences. 

The Cisco Advantage

Cognitive Collaboration makes it easier to get tasks done in context by tapping into data sources across the enterprise and ecosystem and presenting the information seamlessly and intuitively. This helps businesses ensure that:

  • Activities between people and technology are frictionless, human, and insightful.
  • Workstream experiences make the tasks of collaborating easy and intuitive.
  • Customer experiences are personalized, proactive, and responsive.