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A world of exceptional experiences

Delivering a consistently great customer experience globally is easier with a digital business partner you can depend on.

We all want to be close to our customers, don’t we? Most of us would say that great relationships between customers and their suppliers are a given. But in a world where change is the only constant, it can be hard for CIOs to know who their friends are in the outside world – and who to trust when your brand’s reputation is at stake.

Carl Zeiss AG offers its customers a growing service portfolio that spans technical support, repairs, remote diagnostics and preventative maintenance, upgrades, training and more. Global connectivity is key to Zeiss’ ability to deliver a compelling proposition. And for Technical Service head Steffen Lang, selecting the right technology partner allows Zeiss to deliver a consistently excellent experience to its customers, wherever they are in the world:

“We want to be close to our customers and really know them. We want to be reliable, and it’s important that we build up trust. At Zeiss we want to offer really long-term partnerships – not just a one-time service and then we’re gone. For me, Cisco is a global company that stands for innovation and tech leadership… it’s a brand I somehow like. And to me personally, without Cisco there wouldn’t be any Internet!”

Watch our 3 minute video to hear Steffen’s perspective on picking the right partner – and delighting customers at every touchpoint in today’s digital world.

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