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Customer experience in 2020

It’s not just retailers — every industry can learn from how customer behaviour is evolving.

Seven trends defining the future of customer experience

Delivering a great customer experience is easier said than done — and new technologies are forever changing the equation. This ebook looks ahead to the retail experience of 2020, giving inspiration and insights that technology leaders in every sector can start using to build the future of CX in their own businesses.

Key takeaways:

It’s not just retailers that can take advantage of virtual reality, remote experts or intelligent assistants. Other B2C and B2B industries can adopt these innovations to surprise and delight their own customers.

We’ve identified seven trends that are disrupting the CX journey:

  • Smart stores, where brick-and-mortar activates rich experiences to complement online channels
  • Hyper-personalisation, leveraging data to target segments of one
  • Intelligent assistants, using bots to enable conversational commerce from discovery through payment to support
  • Remote experts, giving that human touch to customer interaction through virtual channels
  • Instant fulfilment, taking advantage of supply chain innovations like drones and autonomous vehicles to speed up the last mile, and strip cost out
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality, bringing consumers closer to the product with more immersive experiences
  • Application Experience, ensuring fast, reliable transactions even at hyperscale

This ebook is packed with examples and data points from the bleeding edge. Read it now. (Ebook, PDF download available)



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