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The IoT ecosystem

Seven ways to succeed in IoT with your partner ecosystem

A recent study from Cisco has found that IoT projects are incredibly daunting for CIOs. Few organisations can succeed alone: partners are key.

Key takeaways:

  • Only 26% of organisations could say that their IoT initiatives were a complete success. Most said that IoT initiatives are more complex than anyone thinks. Outside help is essential.
  • Our research found that more successful organisations engage partners at every stage of their project — right from the very start. The trick is understanding where the skills gaps are in your own organisation
  • Many find that it’s hard to choose the right partners, and that vendors were poorly integrated — which contributed to budget overruns. Getting everyone in a room can help clarify objectives and responsibilities.
  • Even more so than in other IT projects, IoT initiatives need a clear vision and leadership, including strong vendor management. But leaders should put emphasis on flexibility, open communication and learning from failure.
the writeup on Connected Futures

For best practices, exclusive data and insights read our full report “The Partner Ecosystem: Your Key To Unleashing the Power of IoT”.

Take it further

Cisco jointly founded the IoT Talent Consortium, which regularly publishes research and perspectives on how organisations can get ready for the skills needed in the age of IoT.