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Manufacturing Smart Business Road Map

This roadmap provides a step by step guide to making your IT network investment work effectively. By implementing Cisco solutions you will see a real benefit to your organisation. From enhanced capabilities in production efficiency through to supply chain visibility and improved inventory management and supplier communications.

Manufacturing Magazine

Next Generation Manufacturing

For manufacturers the pressure is always on to work with shorter lead times, deliver faster turnaround times while still providing improvements in service to ensure customers are kept happy. With today's manufacturing processes often being separated into different silos and on different proprietary networks this can often be difficult to achieve.

Cisco Systems can play a key role in ensuring real time data visibility across the whole manufacturing network that can empower manufacturers and give them the capabilities to improve decision making.
With Cisco Intelligent Networked Manufacturing architecture, your network provides unobstructed visibility across the entire manufacturing value chain.
You can deliver real-time information to employees, partners, and customers at any time, from anywhere in the world, allowing you to reduce costs and greatly enhance customer value.

From driving innovation in product development through to how the supply chain is being transformed, key subjects are discussed and explored.


Introductory essay from our new 'Connected Manufacturing' book. (PDF - 118KB)


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