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How your network can keep your business open during COVID-19

Watch this webinar to discover how to enhance business resiliency with your network. Learn from our Cisco IT team how we adapted to working 100% remotely.

Webinar details

  • Type: On-demand
  • Duration: 60min
  • Language: English

Webinar description 

This webinar starts with our Cisco IT team sharing key lessons learned from COVID-19. You will also learn how your network can help to keep your business open during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. From enabling secure remote working, to creating a trusted workplace. Making it easier for you to implement and monitor many new requirements including social distancing, space occupancy, PPE compliance, secure remote network access and more.

What's covered in this webinar?

  • Cisco IT: Lessons learned from COVID-19
  • Secure Remote Working
  • Monitor Social Distancing and Space Occupancy
  • Location Analytics
  • Interactive Q&A


Rich Gore

Rich Gore is a Cisco IT Senior Manager within Cisco Regional IT in EMEAR. He shares over 35 years of IT experience on a variety of business and IT topics including cybersecurity, data center and network design, multicloud and workplace design and mobility, and communications and collaborations tools and strategies in the enterprise. Rich has worked at Cisco for more than 20 years, as a program manager and manager within Cisco IT infrastructure architecture team, and shares two patents on internet application performance.

Patrick Charretour

Patrick Charretour works at Cisco as Technical Solution Architect for SD-WAN, SD-Branch and Multi-Cloud in the EMEAR Intend Based Networking Team. He is focusing in enabling Field, Partners and Customers on Branch and WAN massive Market and Technology transition leveraging Software Defined Approach and Cloud consumption. During his career at Cisco, he has been focusing in development and adoption of Software Oriented Solution such as AVC, Medianet for assurance and performance management.

Oliver Kenward

Oliver works in the Cisco EMEAR Enterprise Networks team and focuses on how we can bring together Cisco technology with our Ecosystem Partner Solutions to bring additional customer value. Located in the United Kingdom Oliver has worked for Cisco for the last thirteen years and has a background in Networking and Security technologies. Outside of work Oliver has a young family, enjoys all sports and loves a challenge recently spending a week in the Arctic raising money for the Royal British Legion.