Server Networking and Virtualization

Build a High-Performance Data Center

Build cost-effective industry-standard server clusters to provide a foundation for automated server provisioning and on-demand computing.

Server Networking and Virtualization Grid/Utility Computing

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Cisco InfiniBand Server Switches & Host Channel Adapters: An optimized interconnect for compute environments, provides low-latency switching for server clusters/grids and I/O consolidation over a unified fabric

Cisco Multifabric Server Switches: Share virtualized pools of I/O and storage resources connected through Ethernet or Fibre Channel switches

Cisco SFS High-Performance InfiniBand Subnet Manager: Manages all operational aspects of an InfiniBand network, including routing, initialization, and addressing

Cisco VFrame™ Server Fabric Virtualization Software: Provides the ability to separate server components, such as I/O, CPU, memory and storage, and reconstitute them according to business policy

Intelligent Data Center Solutions

Cisco provides intelligent interconnect solutions designed for your data-center computing needs.

High-Performance Computing

Achieve supercomputing performance at commodity computing prices.

Grid / Utility Computing

Dynamically provision computing resources on demand.

Database Clusters

Scale distributed databases to meet their full potential.

Enterprise Data Center Architecture

The Cisco Enterprise Data Center Architecture addresses the need for an intelligent network architecture that supports current data-center initiatives and provides a foundation for the next-generation data center.

Integrate Ethernet and InfiniBand

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New unified fabric framework simplifies the management of compute-intensive applications.

Meet High-Performance Needs

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InfiniBand's scalability provides an ideal foundation for high-performance computing.

Provision Server Resources On Demand

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VFrame™ software embeds intelligence into the server switch hardware.

Product Portfolio
Cisco Fabric Virtualization Software
Cisco InfiniBand Host Channel Adapters and Software Drivers
Server Fabric Switches

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