Cisco Full-Stack Observability Solutions Solution Overview

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Updated:07 September 2023

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Updated:07 September 2023


Full-stack observability from Cisco® solutions moves beyond domain monitoring into full-stack visibility, insights, and actions, transforming siloed data into actionable insights that provide shared context across your IT teams.


The shift toward digital-driven business is clear. Market leadership is now determined by user adoption and utilization of digital services, and brand reputation is defined by the quality of digital experiences. Your applications are the business.

Competing in today’s digital business landscape means one thing: what can be delivered digitally, must be delivered digitally, and it must be always on. Your applications, however, are just the front door to an expansive digital landscape that is evolving and growing in scale and complexity. Having more interdependencies, more data, more clouds, and more providers adds up to having more blind spots. Managing it all from isolated islands of monitoring for applications, infrastructure, security, and networks is both inefficient and ineffective and is quickly becoming outside human scale and capability.

Cisco full-stack observability solutions enable you to have an observable and optimizable technology stack to streamline the operations of the teams supporting your technology. With unified contextual insights driven from a single solution providing full-stack observability across your entire application landscape, you can deliver exceptional digital experiences to your users, and correlate them to the impact on your business.


     For your digital business, deliver exceptional experiences, optimize for cost and performance, and maximize digital business revenue

     For your IT teams, gain real-time visibility into the full stack of available data across the digital experience

     Contextualize data, system interactions and interdependencies, and business metrics to gain actionable insights into applications and digital experiences and prioritize next steps across your teams

Meeting user demands without wrestling with complexity

Applications have evolved from a convenience to a necessity in our lives, changing end-user expectations and making them the lifeline of the business. With 57 percent of end-users reporting that brands have one shot to impress them, and that, if a digital service does not perform, they won’t use them again, today’s digital business landscape leaves organizations little room for error when faced with competing applications.

Today, 75 percent of global technologists say they are faced with more IT complexity than ever before, and wrestle with overwhelming “data noise” without the resources and support they need to comprehend and deal with it. Protecting your user base and brand reputation while attracting new customers means your technology teams must support an expanding application ecosystem while ensuring services set the standard for being fast, secure, reliable, and easy to use.

With 66 percent of users saying they would avoid a brand completely if their experience isn’t perfect, now more than ever it is critical to enable your IT staff with the tools they need to monitor the entire technology stack across all applications, the underlying infrastructure, the user experience, and the business impact.

Full-stack observability solutions from Cisco move beyond domain monitoring into full-stack visibility, insights, and actions, transforming siloed data into actionable insights that provide shared context to your IT teams so they can deliver exceptional digital experiences, optimize for cost and performance, and maximize digital business revenue.

How it works

Full-stack: visibility, insight, and action

It’s time to move beyond siloed domain monitoring and gain full-stack visibility, insights, and actions – your digital business and customers demand it. Our full-stack observability solutions enable you to deliver unmatched application experiences and streamline operations. By centralizing and correlating application performance analytics across the full stack, IT teams can better collaborate to isolate issues and optimize application experiences. Our unique combination of full-stack observability and business telemetry gives you the power to prioritize your actions so you can deliver flawless customer experiences that drive revenue streams while accelerating digital transformation.

Delivering full-stack observability today

We deliver a full-stack observability architecture to transform your operations today with integrations across AppDynamics® (including Cisco Secure Application), Cisco ThousandEyes®, and Cisco Intersight.

     AppDynamics adds the business context and correlation, which enables teams to align and prioritize based on what matters most to their bottom line.

     ThousandEyes integrations enable application performance to be correlated to the network and internet services that connect users.

     Application performance integrations with Intersight optimization services proactively ensure performance for application experiences while minimizing cloud costs.

     Cisco Secure Application in AppDynamics protects business-critical applications no matter where they run, from the inside out at runtime, to maintain speed and uptime, while balancing risk.

Use cases

Table 1.           Full-Stack Observability Use Cases Details

Use Cases

Desired Outcome

Pain Points Addressed

Cisco Solutions

Performance Use Cases

Hybrid Application Monitoring

Monitor performance of traditional and hybrid applications, often monolithic, hosted applications leveraging traditional infrastructure and hybrid cloud.

Utilizing several domain centric tools to monitor traditional on-premises applications and cloud-based technologies makes it challenging to:

  Properly map applications dependencies, measure performance, and establish KPIs and metrics
  Quickly and efficiently find the root cause of issues impacting performance, which can increase the cost per ticket, and could result in SLA breaches (monetary penalties)
  Prioritize issues, leading to longer application degradation that can impact customer loyalty, brand reputation, and digital revenue  


Modern Application Monitoring

Monitor performance of cloud native applications, often microservices based, distributed applications leveraging cloud technologies hosted on public or private clouds

Increased adoption of cloud-native services, makes it increasingly difficult to:

  Reduce the noise when it comes to troubleshooting application performance problems caused by infrastructure-related issues that span across cloud environments
  Empower development teams with the infrastructure resources to drive agility while also optimizing our hybrid cloud resources and costs.


Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer with AppDynamics Performance

Customer Digital Experience Monitoring

Actionable, end-to-end insight into application experience, its underlying dependencies, and business impact

Technology teams have limited visibility into the external environments including multiple networks and third-party internet services that affect application performance leading to:

  Pronged MTTI/MTTR, degraded user experience, and damaged revenue and reputation
  Finger-pointing, large war room escalations, and difficulty determining what issues should be prioritized based on their application and business impact



Cisco AppDynamics Dash Studio with ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence

Application Dependency Monitoring

Assure the performance of managed and unmanaged (third-party) application services and APIs, including Internet and cloud network performance to those services

Application performance relies on the successful interaction of distributed components.  Current tools make it challenging to:

  Have visibility to APIs, and other services outside of IT’s control, or only reachable via publicly shared networks.
  Resolve external networks and services issues impacting application performance without shared context between application and network teams


Cisco AppDynamics Dash Studio with ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence

Optimization Use Cases

Hybrid Cost Optimization

Lower costs by only paying for what you need in public cloud and by safely increasing utilization of on-premise assets

Distributed environments create operational challenges and inefficiencies leading to:

  Overprovisioning computing instance sizes and bandwidth reservations in public cloud environments to ensure application performance
  Underutilized infrastructure on-prem due to resources scaled to peak application load estimates
  Increased costs and staff time from managing multiple, non-integrated tools only responsible for a single layer or aspect of the infrastructure

Cisco Intersight Optimizer

Cisco Intersight Optimizer with AppDynamics Performance

Application Resource Optimization

Improve and assure application performance by taking the guesswork out of resource allocation for workloads on-premise and in the public cloud. 

Application resource requirements are dynamic based on utilizations.  Lack of visibility and manual resource allocation practices can result in business-impacting issues due to:

  Extended war rooms caused by infrastructure and app teams pointing fingers, without a unified shared context between them
  Policy violations (i.e. rules that have been set for business continuity, data sovereignty, regulatory compliance, licensing compliance, etc.) being difficult to track, constraining the ability of IT to deliver on SLAs.
  IT teams spending time on manual tasks, chasing alerts and “fighting fires” instead of supporting innovation.

Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer

Cisco Intersight Optimizer with AppDynamics Performance

Security Use Cases

Application Security

Actively identify and block against vulnerabilities found in application run-times in production.

A lack of visibility and shared context across teams can leave organizations struggling to pinpoint security incidents and only reacting to vulnerabilities and incidents when it’s too late, creating challenges in:

  Collaboration with IT and SecOps teams to diagnose what’s impacted, determine how to fix it, and the time needed
  Understand the scope of security incidents, their priority relative to other alerts and the impact on the application, end users, and the business overall

Cisco Secure Application in AppDynamics

Use Cisco Customer Experience services to accelerate the value of full-stack observability

Cisco Customer Experience (Cisco CX) is your champion, uniquely positioned to get you to outcomes that matter most, faster. We can help you build and execute a strategy to optimize digital experience by unleashing the power of full-stack observability.

Our certified application experts help speed time to market by innovating faster with human + digital intelligence to achieve your unique vision of transformative digital experiences. Leveraging our deep experience in networking, security, and applications, you gain the ongoing expertise and agility to quickly resolve and prevent application experience issues with predictable analytics that boost availability and performance.

With services aligned to the Cisco full-stack observability use cases and foundational offers that support individual product components, we can help you confidently innovate at every stage of your full-stack observability journey. Let us help you accelerate the delivery of exceptional digital experiences, optimize for cost and performance, and maximize digital business revenue.

“It is not enough to monitor each domain level in the way we have always done it. Complete visibility and insights across the stack and the different teams is required.”

Patrick Moorhead

Moor Insights & Strategy;

Forbes, August 4, 2021


“While most organizations are powerless to respond to third-party connectivity issues, AppDynamics and ThousandEyes give us unprecedented visibility into every app and service we run as well as letting us track network traffic hops inside and outside of our environment. Together, they provide a roadmap for resolving performance and connectivity issues inside and outside of our network quickly, thoroughly, and proactively to keep our whole environment running at peak performance”

Hari Vittal

Senior Engineer, FICO

What is full-stack stack observability?

Full-stack observability takes an evolutionary step beyond traditional monitoring that’s siloed by domains. Building on the standard elements of observability, it adds features that provide a comprehensive view of distributed environments. This enables you to monitor all aspects of your system across applications, networks, and infrastructure with visibility, insights, and actions from the API all the way to bare-metal components, and across all data types.

Why you need full-stack observability

The demand for digital services has never been higher, and today, your applications affect all aspects of the business, from revenue streams to brand reputation. With the number of applications that people are using daily jumping 30 percent compared to just two years ago, digital business strategies have become a top priority. While user demand represents massive opportunity, 73 percent of organizations fear their inability to link IT performance with business performance is detrimental to their business.

Our full-stack observability solutions integrate with all applications within your stack. This enables you to collect information across stacks and operating environments and deliver timely, comprehensive, accurately filtered information to IT teams that is correlated to application performance metrics, business transactions, and business KPIs.

The Cisco Advantage

Now more than ever, applications are the lifeline of every business. Cisco is a leader in software development, with broad technology domain expertise. Only Cisco can deliver full-stack observability across your application and infrastructure stacks with visibility, insights, and actions to prioritize decision-making with correlation to business KPIs.

You have to see more to solve more

You can’t fix what you can’t see. You need to see everything together in context. Only Cisco full-stack observability solutions can deliver the top-to-bottom application and infrastructure visibility, insight, and actions you need when they matter the most. For additional information, visit

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