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How Your Business Can Save Money - And Reduce Energy Consumption

Join our webinar, and hear what concrete actions your business can take to save energy this winter and get your questions answered.

Tuesday 13th December 10:00 am – 11:00 am CET

Introducing Nexus Cloud: Agility of cloud, power of Cisco Nexus

In this webinar, you will learn what is Nexus Cloud, the value this solution provides and the use cases it solves, including FAQ and a live demo.

Thursday 15th December 10am-11:30am CET

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Automate and orchestrate your hybrid cloud infrastructure

See how to implement automation in your environment with Cisco Intersight.

Unlock the power of observability for your whole IT environment

See how Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer increases efficient workload performance

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Title Description Product / Solution Series First aired
Cisco Full-Stack Observability in Action See how today’s leading organizations are getting the visibility, insights, and actions across the technology stack in multi-cloud environments. Cisco Full-Stack Observability or Thousand Eyes Live Webinar November 2022
Unveiling Nexus-as-code Discover Nexus-as-Code, a project aimed at providing you with an easy-to-consume and opinionated data model that simplifies the automation journey Nexus Programmability November 2022
Secure, Always-On & Exceptional Experiences with Full-Stack Observability Join this webinar to learn the ways Cisco's full-stack observability solution provides organisations the visibility, insights and actions across multi-cloud environments to confidently ensure a dazzling application experience, time after time. AppDynamics Live Webinar October 2022
Proactive Awareness: Get ahead of the outages with intelligence In this webinar, you will discover how the Day-2 Operations tools, can be leveraged to proactively operate the data center network. Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller NDFC October 2022
Introducing NDFC This webinar series will demonstrate how to setup NDFC and how to leverage its capabilities to ease Data Center Operations. Nexus Dashboard Best Practices September 2022
Fabric Hardening This series will explain in detail the most important Best Practices any customer should follow, when they are facing a new Cisco ACI deployment or have it already in production. ACI Best Practices September 2022
Level Up with Cisco Intersight Discover the value Cisco Intersight can bring to your existing UCS or HyperFlex infrastructure. With demo. Intersight Live Webinar September 2022
Troubleshooting Multi-Site (Part 2) Join this second part of our Troubleshooting webinar to learn more about how to troubleshoot issues in Multi-Site. Cisco ACI Multi-site July 2022
2022 Global Hybrid Cloud Trends Report Cisco's Mark Maslanka and Roger Dickinson discuss the latest hybrid-cloud trends from new global research. Hybrid Cloud Webinar Jun 2022
Automate VxLAN Fabrics with NDFC Join this session to discover how Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller can help you automate the operation of VxLAN Fabrics. Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller Live Demo June 2022
What's new on Nexus Dashboard In this webinar, you will discover the new capabilities being released on Nexus Dashboard platform and its applications. Nexus Dashboard Live Demo June 2022

Troubleshooting Multi-Site (Part 1)

Join us to learn more about how Cisco ACI Multi-Site works under the hood, and how to troubleshoot issues. Cisco ACI Multi-site May 2022
Multi-Cloud Networking with Cloud ACI Learn how Cisco Cloud ACI can simplify and automate the operation of your multi-cloud network. Cloud ACI Live Demo APril 2022
Introduction to Intersight Workload Optimizer See how Intersight provides a platform to adaptively manage infrastructure, containers and applications wherever they are, with a special focus on Intersight Workload Optimizer (IWO). Intersight Live Webinar Dec 2021
DevOps and the Hybrid Cloud - Day 1 See in this 2-day technical workshop how Cisco Intersight and its APIs enable programmability, automation and orchestration in your multi-cloud environment. Intersight, FSO Live Webinar Nov 2021
DevOps and the Hybrid Cloud - Day 2 See in this 2-day technical workshop how Cisco Intersight and its APIs enable programmability, automation and orchestration in your multi-cloud environment. Intersight, FSO Live Webinar Nov 2021

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