Cisco Powered Managed Unified Contact Centre Services

Cisco Powered Managed Unified Contact Centre Services

Earn More with Managed Unified Contact Centre

Centralise your contact centre infrastructures and software. Cisco Powered managed Unified Contact Centre services feature flexible deployment models that support:

  • IP infrastructures
  • Time-division multiplexing (TDM) infrastructures
  • Combination IP and TDM infrastructures

Integrated Services and Incremental Growth

You can implement this suite of integrated services all at once or incrementally, including:

  • Virtual call centre: Calls are routed to unified contact centre agents regardless of their location.
  • Network routing with computer telephony integration (CTI): Network-based automatic call distribution is combined with CTI services.
  • Network interactive voice response (IVR): Callers can get or give information before they speak to a live agent.
  • Intelligent call routing: Routing is based on call context information, agent availability, and customer databases.

Easy Setup

This logical extension of your voice services is simplified through administrative privileges, features, and provisioning tools that match your skill level.

Products and Services

Your Cisco Powered Managed Unified Contact Centre Services can include the following:

  • Business application consulting to define unified contact centre business processes and design application and call flows
  • System implementation services to plan, design, and deploy unified contact centre services
  • Management services to host and manage unified contact centre systems
  • Optimisation services to analyse business and system metrics and define opportunities to improve efficiency and service

The Cisco Powered Advantage

Cisco Powered is the industry standard for cloud and managed services. Cisco Powered services offer a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class, flexible, and scalable solutions. You can accelerate time to value with assured performance that leverages continuous innovation.

Cisco partners undergo extensive certification and a third-party audit of their solutions. These steps help ensure that partners deliver superior levels of service, security, and 24-hour support so that you can connect with confidence.

To find a certified partner, go to the Cisco Partner Locator. Click Advanced Search and indicate your geographic location. Scroll down to select your Cisco Powered service or services. Click Search at the bottom of the page to view a list of local partners.

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