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Port Services

Logistical service firm enjoys significant telephony cost reduction through smart IP call routing.

Business Challenge

For 30 years Invergordon in North Scotland had been home to one of the country's foremost offshore logistics specialists. But with the HQ lease about to expire and a wholesale move to its Aberdeen facility on the cards, Port Services Group faced a dilemma. Should it adopt a new number or retain its current one and absorb huge charges for hundreds of redirected calls?

The Solution

Port Services Group turned to Cisco to bring the company together, while preserving its Invergordon heritage. Smart use of non-geographical 'SIP trunking' means that when customers dial the old Invergordon number, calls are received in Aberdeen and intelligently redirected. Customers notice no difference.

Business Impact

Benefits delivered by the Cisco Solution include:

  • Significant telephony cost reduction
  • Smart IP call routing eliminates redirection charges
  • Improved staff productivity and accessibility

What the customer says

“We've gone through so much change in the last five years and structurally we'd grown apart. We were relying on technology to get us out of a hole and Cisco has come through for us. It's no exaggeration to say that the new system has transformed our business and has helped us become one company again.”

- Paul Clark, Operations Director, Port Services Group

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