Cisco Case Studies - Mercury Security Management

Mercury Security Management

Cisco Never Lets its Guards Down. All Cisco infrastructure secures business growth for Mercury Security Management

Business Challenge

Over the years, as the technology side of the business expanded, Mercury found itself with a vast mix of different products and applications running on different platforms from different providers. The resulting mixed bag of systems was undermining efficiency and hampering the firm's ability to grow in the world of technology.

There was a clear need for a single, integrated network that would support operations across the enterprise and be scalable enough to handle future growth. Consolidating around a single infrastructure would also significantly reduce operational and support costs.

The Solution

Mercury Security Management adopted an all-Cisco solution incorporating Cisco Core Infrastructure for routing and switching, Borderless Networks wireless LAN infrastructure for data, voice and video, Unified Communications with call recording and Unified Computing System servers

Business Impact

Benefits delivered by the Cisco Solution include:

  • Single infrastructure reduced operational cost by 25 percent
  • Application integration and deployment accelerated by over 45 percent
  • Monitoring service remotely activated with no need for on-site visit or survey

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