Cisco Case Studies - Comic Relief

Comic Relief

Comic Relief trusts Cisco's application acceleration infrastructure to manage over 1,000,000 telephone, online and Interactive TV donations during Red Nose Day.

Business Challenge

  • To better communicate Comic Relief’s ‘you can help create a just world free from poverty message
  • To make collecting donations faster, simpler and more secure
  • To maintain high levels of trust in the Comic Relief brand through secure systems

Network Solution

  • Cisco data centre solution
  • Cisco application control technologies

Business Value

  • Helps Comic Relief get money into the bank and out to great causes faster
  • Makes high-volume electronic donations safe and secure
  • Delivers a system capable of supporting over 500,000 concurrent users and handling up to a theoretical maximum of 500 donations per second
  • Reduces time to bank multi-million pound donations from months to days

What the customer says

“Cisco’s technology is cutting edge and we are proud to work with them. From an enterprise switching and firewall point of view, Cisco is unlikely to be beaten. But on top of all this, as a global leader of corporate responsibility - a truly good, active, insightful and productive global citizen, Cisco really gets what Comic Relief is all about.”

- Marcus East, Head of Future Media and Technology, Comic Relief

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